Adam Leibowitz

Addiction Recovery Consultant

Don’t put off your path to sobriety.

Anyone suffering from addiction, or who has a family member that is, knows how powerful and devastating the disease can be. Work with a trusted professional who knows what addiction and addiction recovery is like.

The Crisis

The family is in crisis about how to help their loved one. Their lives are in chaos and most certainly unmanageable. The family is overwhelmed trying to do the research to determine their best options. The big questions are: How do we find the right treatment center for our loved one? What do we do about their education, if applicable? How do we intervene?

Emotional Support

Getting sober is more than cutting off an addiction. Healthy sobriety requires a team of loved ones and professionals who can empathize with your family’s struggle and provide continued emotional support.


Specialized Plan

Adam helps families battling addiction to develop and implement a recovery plan with the goal of lifelong sobriety. Your family’s recovery plan is centered around your needs and goals and continues beyond rehabilitation.


Family Program

Student addiction doesn’t just affect the one battling it. It causes stress and fear for their loved ones as well. It is Adam’s priority to make sure families feel safe and comfortable throughout the addiction recovery process.


The Call

The initial complimentary consultation with Adam will help determine the family’s and the addict’s needs in this time of crisis. Together we can begin to determine the best approach for providing a customized pathway to recovery.


The Keys to it All is a comprehensive recovery consulting service personalizing the recovery process, and addressing the crisis with the most suitable solution for the whole family. Adam works diligently to determine the best guidance and intervention service, beginning with inpatient treatment centers and detox facilitation.


Adam offers ongoing case management services for your family. These include vocational and educational programs to help with the transition into a new sober life. If that means returning to school, or placement in sober living to reinforce ongoing recovery, Adam is there for the entire family every step of the way.

Moving Forward

These difficult times we find ourselves in should not stall you or your family’s addiction recovery, or prevent you from starting the journey to sobriety. The Keys to it ALL offers virtual consulting with Adam Leibowitz MSW, certified Addiction Recovery Consultant. Request an initial call with Adam.

About Adam Leibowitz

Adam Leibowitz is originally from New York City where he currently resides. He moved to Boca Raton, Florida to attain sobriety. Adam graduated from Lynn University in Boca Raton from the School of Communication and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Afterward, Adam pursued a career in real estate, in which his extroverted personality enabled him to succeed.

After college graduation, Adam pursued a career in real estate in New York, in which his extroverted personality and connections enabled him to succeed. However, his passion for addiction recovery treatment providing guidance for patients and families in need led him to further his education to achieve his Master in Social Work from Tulane University in addition to his continued education with myriad certifications for addiction therapy, intervention and case management.

Our Mission

Addiction is not a straight line, and neither is addiction recovery. Each person fighting addiction has a different past, present, and future, making it imperative that each recovery plan reflects those individual experiences and needs. Specializing in school and college recovery placement and identifying the needs of the family while their loved one is facing a crisis is top of mind with Adam.