Adam Leibowitz

Founder of The Keys To It All

Who We Are

The Keys to it ALL offers help for families who don’t know where to turn when their loved ones are in crisis or in the midst of active addiction. It is an all-encompassing resource that guides the entire family to recovery with personalized attention.

  • Adam places empathy at the center of his practice. The Keys to it All is a 100% judgment-free zone.
  • Having experienced addiction recovery and found sobriety himself, Adam has the understanding and dedication to help you find the path to success in recovery.
  • Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict- it affects the whole family. Adam always incorporates the entire family into his recovery plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire The Keys To It ALL?

Adam is a Nationally Certified Recovery Addiction Recovery Coach and Student Interventionist who can provide needed help. With great personal experience in the world of sobriety, Adam developed his vision for The Keys to it ALL with one goal in mind: to help families find ongoing recovery solutions. Most services focus on the addict seeking recovery. Adam focuses is on the entire family.

How will we work together?

An initial consultation with the family helps to determine what their needs are. If Adam comes on board, regular conversations help him glean information to research options that suit your unique situation. Adam will recommend appropriate intervention services and guide you to recovery centers/detox facilities suited to your specific needs.

Does the process end when I reach sobriety?

Case management services, including vocational and educational programs to help with the transition out of treatment are also provided. The right college and sober living placement are crucial to an ongoing recovery.

“Adam had incredible attention to detail and patience with our family”