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College Disciplinary Sanctions and The Keys to it ALL

Though Collegiate Recovery Programs aren’t a completely new concept, they are still not quite a household term. However, addiction and recovery are becoming much more known by high school and college students and parents. Colleges have a responsibility to support those in their recovery so that they can continue to grow, develop, and fulfill their academic and adult potential.⠀

College Disciplinary Sanction: What is it? ⠀

Most colleges have a set of rules presented to students at the beginning of their college career detailing the school’s drug and alcohol procedures. Each university has sanctions in place for students who violate these rules. There are a number of different punishments depending on the university and the degree of offense, and we are here to help guide you through these times with first hand experience. ⠀

Sober Dorms – A safe space on campus⠀

There are about 50 campuses that provide special on-campus sober housing to give students in recovery a safe and sober place to live. This allows for a sense of community to develop between students going through these situations together, without external pressures from non-sober students. ⠀

The Keys To It ALL⠀

The Keys to it ALL is a resource in which we aid the parents and their loved one (the student) to assist in placement to collegiate recovery services. We provide them with sober living options and intensive outpatient programs so they are still able to continue their studies while maintaining a sober lifestyle. ⠀

We strongly urge students to seek transitional (halfway house) accommodations rather than sober dorms. Adam believes in changing people, places and things.

Adam provides the family with tips to clear disciplinary sanctions and helps expedite the process in returning to a school, whether it be the university the student previously attended, or a new environment, which is typically recommended. The Keys to It ALL specializes in helping your transition from recovery to college a seamless process.

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