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People, Places and Things

Alcoholism and drug addiction affects every part of a person’s life. It determines the things they do, the people they see and the places they go. It influences who they associate with, their preferred social outings, even their daily activities. To fight alcoholism it is important to not just identify which people, places and routines are driven by alcohol and drugs, but to gain the skills and determination to avoid these situations or people.

Living a life free from addiction is a challenging but rewarding existence. When someone has been living a life that is influenced by alcohol or drugs, their life can have an emptiness when they stop. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts often describe fear at changing their life because they will not have the same friends or do the same things they used to. It can be daunting to face a whole new life. However, individuals can find comfort in the knowledge that their life will be more rewarding and successful when they are not drinking or doing drugs.

Identifying the people, places and routines that are high risk is an important step in the recovery process. Some individuals may find that people they associate with, social events they attend, or even work stresses will be times when they have a desire to drink alcohol or do drugs. Once these triggers are identified, the next step can be to make plans to avoid or deal with these high risk people, places or routines.

The best way to deal with these factors is to seek professional help. Addictions treatment or private consulting/therapy can be a huge benefactor in identifying the high risk routines. The Keys to it ALL helps provide support and assistance to navigating the best treatment options where these triggers can be identified in greater depth. We look forward to helping you on your path to recovery. 

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