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Summertime is prime time for Substance Abuse Treatment for students.

Now that warmer days are here, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, picnics, barbecues, and other celebrations. Often, such scenarios involve enjoying alcoholic beverages or experimenting with drugs. For a college student with an addiction, however, the much-awaited summertime may prove to be rife with challenges, obstacles and triggers which is why summer addiction treatment may be the answer to recovery. Hence, this summer might be an excellent opportunity for you to reassess your relationship with alcohol and other substances of abuse. Alcohol abuse remains one of the major problems as this substance is legal and easily accessible. College students are much more likely to participate in heavy drinking behaviors than their non-college peers.78.9 percent of college students have reported alcohol use. It is believed that more than 1800 students die every year due to alcohol-related causes. The summer happens to be the season with the highest risk of relapse and substance abuse, especially for students. Slow down this summer! While it’s the time of sunshine, frolic, sand, and water, a college student with an addiction may be full of fear and anxiety. In the absence of highly-structured college routines and limited surveillance, factors such as peer pressure can make the student even more vulnerable. Developing an effective sober summer strategy can help you manage triggers and fortify your sobriety. The best way to manage triggers is to avoid them altogether.

Since summertime can possibly worsen addiction symptoms and bring with it more challenges than usual, it might be the ideal time to take a step back and focus on recovery instead. This holds particularly true for individuals who are new in recovery or are recovering from a relapse.

It may be even better to consult your sponsor, therapist or a supportive friend and walk through the plan. Summer addiction treatment – Better timing for students

Summer treatment of addiction may make sense for students and young adults. Since most students are on break from school and/or go home, the timing of treatment may prove to be more convenient. Substance abuse treatment during the summer may allow the college student to focus their undivided attention upon their treatment and recovery. It will enable them to work at a leisurely pace to explore their issues deeper without the stress of juggling classes and busy schedules. Since summertime typically does present more triggers than usual, summer addiction treatment can help you face these triggers. You can benefit from being part of a support group, intensive out patient or even residential addiction treatment program.

Young individuals with addiction can prepare themselves for triggers and challenges, and formulate a strategic plan for upcoming summer activities and festivities.

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